Sunday, November 1, 2015

Philip Edward Alexy - CGI Animator

An exclusive interview with one of the CGI animators from the movie Casper"!

I first came across Philip Edward Alexy while searching DeviantArt for Casper fan-art to feature on the Casper Portal Pinterest page. And I couldn't believe what I found! A photo of Fatso atop his car! Here I found a computer animator who worked on Casper! Searching through his gallery, I came across more Casper-related photos along with the stories behind them. And he was very forthright and honest answering questions posed to him by other members of the DeviantArt community about the film shots and his work.

I then followed the links to his website, and to his Vimeo page where he has videos highlighting some of the work he has done on Casper and other projects. So, I contacted him and asked if he'd be interested in being interviewed for this website, and if I could use the images and videos. He was happy to oblige my request.

This article is an amalgamation of the content from his DeviantArt and Vimeo pages, intertwined with questions that I posed to him personally via email. I have also integrated previous interviews, articles and materials pertaining to Philip Edward Alexy and the movie Casper into the introduction section of this article.

Interview HERE

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